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Spring Break Cancun 2017

Spring Break Cancun has become one of the top clubbing destinations in 2017 in the world! Spring Break Cancun is a must, but it does have a price. For example, one of the most famous hotels is Grand Oasis Cancun : with the largest swimming pool in South America , private acces to the beaches of Cancun, and the fun is at its climax: the pools and hotel beach turn into a big dance floor all day long, inviting artists and renowned DJs


Most American and Canadian universities have a week’s vacation which falls sometime between the last week of February and the first week of April. There are several destinations for Spring Break, like Panama City Beach or Miami, but the hottest destination is undoubtedly Cancun in Mexico.

February 18th to February 27th, 2017
At this time of year, Cancun is not yet overcrowded but there is already plenty of cool atmosphere and great people. It’s the holiday season when Canadians, Quebeckers and students from universities in Madrid arrive in droves. This makes things easier for various French groups from Europe and moreover, Canadian boys and girls are generally more open than Americans.

February 27th to March 4th, 2017
It’s a good week because it’s the one when more Canadians and Quebecers as well as Brazilians and Argentinians are also starting to arrive. The Cancun Spring Break is in full swing with great atmosphere.

March 4th to 18th March, 2017
The most intense weeks of Spring Break, people are coming from all around the globe, Americans, Canadians, Brazilians, Colombians, Argentines, very international atmosphere. Undoubtedly the most active Spring Break periode, but it’s also the two weeks that the more international artists will perform in clubs.

March 18th to April 2nd, 2017
At that period of time population is mainly from South America, they are very open and accessible, it is a period also great for the closing of Spring Break.

Party Package (Inception Music Festival)
We recommend you to book the party package because most of the people leave the hotel when the night falls. With a party package you will party all night long. Basically the package brings everyone in the same club (all party packages from different organizations have the same agenda, so all the Spring Breakers will be in one place). The party package covers the entry and the open bar (free drinks untill 3 a.m.).
Destination Clubbing provides you a VIP Pass for all the clubs listed. We advise you to bring a couple of dollars for tipping the bartenders (this way, you can have the best drinks).

Clubs in Cancun

The « superclubs » as Coco Bongo, Daddy O, The City and can accommodate all of them several thousand people and offer the very best in entertainment content. It goes something new every minute, entertainment, dancers, acrobats, giant video screens, the famous bikini contest, mimes, lookalikes…

The City

The City is one large room accommodating up to 10,000 people, with funky lights playing. It was very large and very well-conditioned, to the point of being cold at first! The City welcomes all the big acts during the Spring Break Cancun: Tiesto, Avicci, Chuckie, David Guetta, Snoop Dogg, The Game etc. The entrance is around 65 USD including free bar, unless you take shots of whisky … but it has the taste of honey. Nice atmosphere … but at 3:30 they open the beach club, located where loungers and outdoor beds are arranged around a pool. Same style of music.


A new institution in Mexico’s nightlife was born with Mandala. The striking entrance makes this club different from every place in town. The most cosmopolitan crowd goes to Mandala. If you value exclusivity, you’ll love it here. The club opens daily at 9:30. There is a spring break atmosphere even outside the Spring Break period. The resources deployed for security are huge and very strict. The servers are competent. Preference for beach side part with the pool which is much more fun, also you will quickly see that after a time everyone leaves the main club … to go where? Well, behind to continue the party at the pool!


Daddy’O is incontestably one of the best nightclubs in Cancun and was referenced as one of the three best nightclubs in America. Its innovative design is based on a fascinating cave which after millions of years in the deepest pits of the Caribbean Sea, is emerging in the heart of Cancun, Mexico. Daddy’O offers a wide range of mashups during the Spring Break Cancun. Daddy’O world has known DJs, laser shows, special effects, wild parties, bikini contests, competition swimwear, theme nights and more. Six bars are Strategically Placed around the nightclub, Offering easy access to open bar serving our area and at several levels of access tables. Drinks all night long. No additional coverage. Service diners seated bottle. Soil, changing weekly dance but was not on.

Coco Bongo

Nightclub with show from 23h to 3am, with different themes all very well prepared and original, the box remains open after the show. Not to be missed even during the Spring Break! A show and extra professional dancers with two nights you must pay the entrance directly at the Coconut Bongo – cheaper than the hotel) about USD 60/65 for unlimited drinks if you arrive before 10 pm. Varied music, years 80/90/2000 to today revisiting many great singers during the show (international and local music).

Senor Frogs

If you are from the US you will feel right at home during the Spring Break. Make sure you arrive early for a good table in the club. Normally around $20 per person, this includes cover, great atmosphere with good energy moving around most of the time! The doormen are very sweet and kind. You get a wristband which entitles you to an open bar till 3:30 am and closure at 4:00 am. The standard type, cold beer and bar food, they offer “2 for the price of 1”, a little pricier than is usual.

Activities in Cancun

Isla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres (also called « the island of women ») is the destination of one of the cheapest trips you can possibly do during your stay at Spring Break Cancun. At the same time it is also one of the nicest places to be ! It can be reached easily from Cancun and is worth one day or at least half a day of your time. On Isla Mujeres you can hang out and recharge your batteries from last night's party at Spring Break Cancun. The beautiful island Isla Mujeres is conveniently and easily accessible by boat after a 20 minutes ride or – if you want take the slower one – after 45 minutes. The boats leave from the hotel district of Cancun every 30 minutes until 10pm. With the help of one of the numerous travel agencies in Cancun you will be able to participate at the most awesome trip you have ever been to - Isla Mujeres is totally worth a visit! You can also rent a scooter or a golf car to discover the Mexican island in an extraordinary way. Access to the island is guaranteed during the whole year and highly recommended during the period of Cancun's Spring Break.
Both wild and charming, Isla Mujeres shows you its authentic nature far away from the rest of the world. The beaches of the island aren't influenced by the huge luxurious hotels like in Cancun. You rather find little snack bars by the seaside that offer you seafood and cocktails. If you want to live pirate atmosphere you can fallow the traces of an ancient hacienda. Or you just take a walk through the peace- and colorful cemetery where the inhabitants of Isla Mujeres are buried. You can also visit Garrfon Park, a natural aquarium where you can go snorkeling to see the vestiges of an old temple and its present residents: turtles!
In the end there is nothing more to say than: Isla Mujeres is totally worth a trip to admire its beautiful nature and to recharge your party batteries during Spring Break Cancun in Mexico.

Chichen Itza

During your stay at Cancun's Spring Break we advice you to take a break in between to nights of celebrating to go on several trips around the wonderful riviera of the Mayan people, for example the archeological site Chichen Itza.
Chichen Itza in Mexico is a Mayan archaeological site, one of the largest in Mexico and ranked among the 7 new Wonders of the World. Beautiful and amazing! You will be amazed by its enormous size and the huge number of constructions which are acknowledged as world cultural heritage by the UNESCO in 1988. Located 3 hours from Cancun between the cities of Mérida and Valladolid your trip leads you through the spectacular countryside of Mexico right to Chichen Itza. Though it takes some time to get there, it is totally worth it! Trips to Chichen Itza with departure from Cancun and even from the Oasis Hotel are offered on a regular base. Ideal thing to do after a great party for you can sleep in the coach to wake up refreshed at the site. You should definitely take part in this adventure during Spring Break Cancun. A little culture never killed nobody!


Tulum in Mexico is a world famous Mayan archaeological site (1200-1500 AC). It is surrounded by a great wall nearly 10 feet high and 23 feet thick. Because of its location above the sea Tulum is a worldwide known Mayan site in the Caribbean Sea: you will contemplate the pyramids in the background with the turquoise Caribbean Sea, just beautiful!
Tulum lies about 80 miles away from Cancun so you should plan a whole day for your trip. Besides historical buildings you can admire the beautiful beaches of Tulum, definitely one of the most beautiful beaches of Mexico or even the world. Fun fact: A whole season of “Temptation Island”, an American television reality program had been shot here. Many scenes take place at “Diamante K”, a resort nearby.

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