The particularity of Barcelona is that (almost) all points of interest are 15 to 30 minutes away from each other. So you can, at your convenience, go there on foot or by bike but also use the public transport network (bus, tram or metro) which is extremely well developed, fast, punctual and very economical. The city is full of clubs and bars of all styles and Spanish people are famous for being great party animals. The moods are quite different from one place to another but are always very festive. You will meet a population from all over the world who came for the fiesta! We have put together a short list of our favorite neighborhoods in the city to give you an example of the directions to take so you do not go wrong when you want to go out.
Barceloneta is a very lively area! Its small restaurants and tapas bars are often packed. Its atmosphere is friendly and relaxed. The Barceloneta, which dozes around the market square in the afternoon, comes alive at once in the evening. The waterfront is bordered by pleasant terraces where it is easy to lose the notion of time ... It is often difficult to take off, especially in summer when the beach bars are installed directly on the sand.
Vila Olímpica 
Luxury hotels, bars and restaurants by the sea, discotheques, lively beaches, impressive boats moored ...The Vila Olímpica is the place dreamed for the party-goers who like to sunbathe. The buildings are modern as the area was laid out for the 1992 Olympic Games.
Former industrial district, Poblenou is changing and is the place of fashion. Schools of design, fashion and architecture have settled there, which has helped attract a young and trendy audience in the area. Its main assets are its proximity to the beach and the presence in the district of Razzmatazz, an iconic club with concerts, good music and wild parties.


Sagrada Familia
The iconic Basilica designed by Gaudi it is the most visited monument of Spain. The architect has designed a meticulous symbology that makes this building a mystical poem. Amateur of religious buildings or not, the Cathedral Sagrada Familia will surely amaze you for its originality with its cups of colorful fruits at the top or the animals that adorn the facades.
Camp Nou - F.C.Barcelone
For football fans it's a must! The biggest stadium in Europe, a big team and an audience that sets the mood is the perfect opportunity. You can visit the stadium during the day with a guide who explains a little history of the club. Go around the stadium one evening to listen to the atmosphere and go to a tapas bar with a beer to see the second half time in the middle of Barcelona.
Place Reial - The Ramblas
If you are a party animal, then Barcelona is definitely for you! There are parties everywhere in the city but especially the evening from 20h to 2h0 on the Reial Square which is located on the Ramblas. It is a place where you will be able to make many meetings. Often with tourists but a lot of locals come here too! It’s a great place to go before going clubbing. Crazy atmosphere guaranteed!
Located on the highest point of Barcelona, which you can reach by a funicular, this amusement park will allow you to combine a good day of fun with a breathtaking view of all Barcelona.


Around the summer solstice, the city literally begins to move to the rhythm of Sónar, whose myriad events make it hard to describe in a few lines. The festival is also sacred to many as the best electronic celebration in Europe.
Electronik Brunch
Open-air events organized every Sunday of the summer, the Electronik Brunch is THE Sunday meeting of Barcelona from early June until mid-September and proves once more that the Spaniards know how to pay attention to the form and substance: on the heights of the Montjuic hills, the open-air take place in gardens and hosts most events co-organized with labels or other promoters.
Primavera Sound 
Better known than the Beatles, more popular than Jesus Christ, we no longer introduce the Primavera and the monstrous line-up it throws each year. Each edition displays more than a dozen headliners. It is strongly recommended to take your tickets at the opening of the ticket office because the last editions have always sold in a few days - much to the surprise of locals, who usually take their ticket a few weeks before the festival only.
DGTL Barcelona
Originating from the Mecca of electronic music (Amsterdam), this industrial and techno concept is DGTL brings out the big guns by programming international artists. DGTL has become a must-see festival for lovers of electronic music since its last editions were always sold out.


It is difficult to make a choice among the many clubs in Barcelona, not only is there a great deal of them, but there are pretty great. Everything depends on the length of your stay but it is likely that you can not visit them all (another reason to come back!). So we listed the few : - Pacha Barcelona - El Row - Razzmatazz - The Terrazza


The climate
The best months to visit Barcelona are the summer months, from April to October, but you can of course go to the Catalan capital all year long. The city is also famous for its New Year's Eve party. There is an average of five days of rain per month, so the destination is ideal for people looking for sun and heat. The average temperature varies between 8 ° / 15 ° in winter and 20 ° / 29 ° in summer. You now understant, if you need to refresh, it will have to rely on a small sangria in the shade of an umbrella at one of the numerous terraces of the city.
In Spain, people obviously speak Spanish. Barcelona being a very tourist town, the inhabitants also generally know how to speak English. So do not hesitate to play the tourist and ask them to give you a hand if you are lost with your map of the city.
The currency in Barcelona is the Euro. This is obviously the only currency with which you can pay for your purchases in Barcelona. You will be able to easily exchange money before your departure at your bank or in a bureau de change, or do it directly on the spot according to the agreements that you have with your bank, either by taking some cash with you, then by going to an exchange office, either by withdrawing money with your credit card directly from an ATM. To make a call From Spain to France: 00 33 + phone number From France to Spain: 00 + 34 + telephone number


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