Clubbing holidays on a charming little Mediterranean island
Saint Julian (MT)
May 1, 2020 - Sep 30, 2020

If before Malta was still unknown to the general public, the island has gradually opened up to festive tourism. Located in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, the island enjoys a perfect climate all summer long. The climate is among the most important factors for a successful Clubbing holiday: sun, crowds and especially the atmosphere.
Malta has understood this and is now a popular destination among young Europeans.

It’s on this small Mediterranean island that we propose you to go on an adventure.




The hotels have been chosen to suit all possible budgets. They are all ideally close to the sea and the nightlife of Malta.


You can directly add to your reservation the airport transfer to take you from Malta airport to your hotel (the time is about 20 minutes). The return is included. Airport transfer is only possible if you book your flight with your package.


We suggest you to go to St Julian and especially in the neighborhood of Paceville. Here, many bars, restaurants and nightclubs have emerged. The neighborhood is human-sized and you can do everything on foot! Many English, Dutch but also Nordic tourists, which always promises a very hot atmosphere! The neighborhood is constantly animated day and night. At 15 minutes from St Julian an entire village is dedicated to the party: The Gianpula Complex. More than 30 hectares dedicated to the party with among other 5 large clubs, attracting a lot of partygoers. There is something for everyone, from commercial music to techno or hip-hop. Prices in Malta are also very attractive.
In summer, many boat parties are organized every day.

Good addresses:

Gianpula Complex: entire area dedicated to the party, in the center of Malta
Paceville: Area where your hotel is located
Cafe del Mar: Bar sometimes turning into a nightclub, large pool with stunning views. There are often organized party parties with parties with international DJs. Watch the calendar on their site. Address: Triq it-Trunciera, St Paul's Bay SPB 1500, Malta


More and more popular with European tourists, Malta is a growing scene in the middle of the night and is affordable for all budgets!
Here is some information about this destination:

The climate
The best time to go to Malta is between May and October. The island enjoys a very favorable climate with an average temperature of 19 degrees year-round and with more than 300 sunny days. Between May and October the temperatures are always between 20 and more than 30 degrees (for the summer). The months of July and August are very hot.

We are in Malta, locals speak Maltese. But don’t worry, firstly because it's their second official language but also caused by the boom in tourism on the island, you can communicate with them in English without problems.

The currency is the Euro. Attention, think to contact your bank before your departure to know the amounts of bank charges which will be applied to you abroad. For the French, there should be no charge for cash withdrawals from distributors.


Check with the consulate of the country of destination whether a residence visa is required, but also with any countries crossed if a transit visa is required.



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