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Playa del Carmen (MX)
Nov 30, 2023 - Sep 30, 2024

Playa del Carmen is a very active city day and night. Like its neighbor Cancun, Playa del Carmen is making itself a name in the world of party and nightlife. The city has absolutely nothing to envy to its neighbor, and stands as a growing scene in this environment.

The central square is located between the seaside and Quinta Avenida (Fifth Avenue in English). Quinta Avenida is a long avenue dotted with bars, restaurants shops and nightclubs of all kinds. This is the street « where everything happens ». All along this avenue, in the parallel streets between the sea and this avenue, you will find an incalculable number of bars and clubs.




The hotels have been chosen to suit all possible budgets. They are all ideally close to the sea and the nightlife of Playa del Carmen.


You can directly add to your reservation the airport transfer to take you from Cancun Airport (01 hour to join Playa). The return is included. Airport transfer is only possible if you book flights in your package.


Just like Cancun, Playa del Carmen is forging a reputation in the world of Clubbing. But this time, the city offers a better authenticity compared to Cancun. No big building, plunges through its cobblestone streets full of bars and clubs. Playa del Carmen has nothing to envy in terms of its infrastructures. The advantage, like Cancun, is that it's just as crazy, even outside of Spring Break period. There will always be an air of Spring Break once night falls. Here are some examples of clubs in the city :

⭐The Coco Bongo
If Coco Bongo is the best-known club when it comes to Cancun and its nightlife, well you have to know that a replica is also present in Playa del Carmen. Indeed with a capacity of nearly 1800 people, Coco Bongo is the master in terms of entertainment and has nothing to envy to Cancun. It's a club that combines music and awesome shows all night long. You won’t know where to look and you will not regret your night at Coco Bongo. You will enjoy the Open Bar throughout the night between Latin and electronic music, all in front of a show of French cancan and acrobats.(Open daily from 22:30 to 04:00, except Sunday evening)

⭐The Palazzo
Like the one in Cancun, the Palazzo has the same decor and is a must see. It is one of the biggest nightclubs in Playa del Carmen. This is the favorite club for fans of electronic music. An irreproachable sound quality with exceptional light shows, that’s is the perfect combination to spend a good evening. Between CO2 canons and gogo dancers, you will not regret your night at the Palazzo

⭐The Vaquita
You can not miss the decorations from the street. Small, and open to the street, it has one of the hottest ambiences of Playa del Carmen. Gogo dancers on stage and confetti all along the evening. Entrance with Open Bar and open daily from 22:00 to 04:00.

⭐The Mandala
The Mandala Club Playa del Carmen is one of the hippest clubs in the city. The club is open to the street, like the one in Cancun. The property is decorated in an Asian style and has three dancefloors on three different levels. Regarding the level of the service? Gogo dancers and CO2 canons and great music mixes! The club is open Thursday to Saturday from 22:00 to 05:00

⭐Mamita's Beach Club
Yes daily parties are also possible in Playa del Carmen, at the Mamita's beach club for example, one of the clubs open during the day on the beach. It welcomes every year the DJs of the Spring Break and the BPM festival. You can find numerous bars inside, all more crazy than each other. Among them is for example the Tequila Barrel, a bar that offers more than 70 different types of Tequila, and whoever dares to dance on the bar, will be offered a shot, worth a try…


Mexico, cradle of the Maya and Aztec civilizations is known worldwide for its historical appeal but not only. Mexico has many other assets. It is often presented as a paradise on earth but ruined by a bad reputation linked to banditry. This is absolutely not the case of the Quintana Roo Region and Riviera Maya, where you will not find more welcoming than the people of Cancun and Playa del Carmen. Here are some tips and information for your next vacation:

In Playa del Carmen, you will never be cold, no matter the time of year, even in the evening thanks to the tropical climate of the country. A hot and humid season from May to October leave room to a dry season from November to April. The temperature is around 30 degrees throughout the year.

The language spoken in Mexico is obviously Spanish but you will have no difficulty yourself understood in English.

The currency used in Playa del Carmen is the peso. However, you can also pay in dollars, both currencies are accepted in the city of Playa del Carmen. (Tip: favor the peso, prices are generally more expensive in dollars than in pesos) Avoid if possible exchanging your money at the airport, the exchange rate is often better in hotels (if possible) and banks.
1 € = 21.5 pesos / 1 $ = 18.6 pesos (rate at the beginning of August 2018)


Check with the consulate of the country of destination whether a residence visa is required, but also with any countries crossed if a transit visa is required.

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