A European Spring break that is gaining momentum!
Ayia Napa (CY)
May 1, 2020 - Jun 30, 2020

From the 1st of May till the 30th of June 2019

Every year, Cyprus also gets a taste of the Spring Break. Like Ibiza or Croatia, Ayia Napa continues to amaze more and more fans of party. Tens of hotels by the sea, clubs to impress you with an unusual atmosphere, this is the guideline of the Spring Break in Ayia Napa. It is not uncommon to see pools parties and beach parties being improvised everywhere in the hotels zone. Do not be shy, come and party during the months of May and June, with Spring Breakers from all over Europe.




In the family of Springs Breaks, I give you the youngest: Cyprus with the city of Ayia Napa. Ayia Napa, a small town in southern Cyprus, welcomes every year thousands of students who have come to party in one of the corners of Europe, which continues to grow in power. Enjoying a favorable climate and constant sunshine, this small corner of the island is truly a pearl of the Mediterranean Sea. With a temperature of 26 degrees on average in May, the hotels are all concentrated along the coast, creating a very lively area. Beautiful beaches with waters as transparent as the Caribbean are waiting for you. The largest touristic resort in the country, will seduce you for sure.


The accommodations have been chosen to suit all possible budgets. They are all ideally placed within 10 minutes of the hotspots for the nightlife, combining comfort and proximity. You will have the choice among the following ones :

Hotel Pambos Napa Rocks (adults only)

Renowned 2 star hotel in the Spring Break of Ayia Napa. Perfectly located between the beach and the nightlife, this hotel is one of the "HQ" of spring breakers. Both day and night activities are offered around its 3 outdoor pools. Restaurants, gym, many bars near the pools, you will find your happiness in this hotel. The rooms are simple, with air conditioning, tv, and private balcony.

Hotel Anthea Ayia Napa

Perfectly located between the seaside and the nightlife of the city, Hotel Anthea is a good choice for a successful holiday (5 minutes walk from the beach and a few steps from the nightclub area). The Anthea Hotel is popular with young people from all over Europe. The apartments are equipped with small kitchens, a mini fridge, a bathroom, a balcony and air conditioning. Choice for more autonomy and economy.

Hotel Napa Prince Ayia Napa

The Napa Prince Hotel 3 stars, is also very popular with the spring breakers of the city. The nearest beach is about 700 meters away, and the nightlife district is a short walk from the hotel. The hotel offers self-catering apartments with a large pool area. With a poolside bar, this hotel is perfect for going out with friends. The apartments are well equipped (kitchens, refrigerator, bathroom, sofas ...)

Hotel Pavlinia Ayia Napa

The Hotel Pavlinia Ayia Napa is located 8 minutes walk from the beach and 5 minutes walk from the nightlife and the center of the city. This accommodation has a swimming pool with a snack bar nearby. Ideal to rest from your evening, or not. Indeed, it is not uncommon for the place to organize pool parties during the Spring Break period. The accommodations are independent and well equipped (sitting area, bathrooms, refrigerator, balcony ...)

Faros Hotel

3-star Hotel in the city, very popular with spring breakers seeking a little more comfort in a hotel with larger structures. Ideally located 2 minutes walk from the beach, there is just a few minutes’ walk to the nightlife of the city. Large swimming pool with bar, Jacuzzis, saunas and restaurants are present. All the rooms have a balcony, air conditioning, a tv and a bathroom.

Napa Plaza (adults only)

The Napa Plaza is a 4-star hotel exclusively for adults. It is ideally placed between the beach (about 5 minutes walk) and the nightlife of the city. It has a beautiful and large swimming pool, as well as a total of 9 restaurants and snack bars. The rooms are bright, spacious and very well equipped. Ideal hotel to rest from your night out. This hotel offers the possibility of an All-inclusive package.


You can directly add the airport transfers to your reservation to take you from Lanarca airport to Ayia Napa (the journey time is about 40 minutes). Airport transfers are only possible if you book your flight with your package.


Out of season, Ayia Napa is a quiet little town. But from May, until the end of the summer, this city takes another turn. Indeed, dozens of clubs and many bars open their doors to accommodate many partygoers. All these elements are grouped together in one neighborhood, in the center of the city. The neighborhood is then animated from the beginning of the evening until dawn, and this every day. Here are some examples of nightclubs :

Aqua Club: One of the most famous clubs in the city. With a capacity of 700 people, the Aqua Club hosts the biggest parties during Spring Break. House and Oldschool Music, this club that has an indoor pool. Crazy atmosphere.

Blue Moon Bar: A very popular club with Scandinavians coming to Spring Break (Swedes and Norwegians). Themed parties (disguised waiters, fire-eaters etc ..) and the atmosphere is hot!

Castle Club: This club is simply the largest in the city. It is a world famous club since it is in the ranking of the 50 best clubs in the world since 2011. Many international DJs mix every year during the summer period. The club even has its own radio. Unavoidable.

Ice Club: One of the largest clubs in the city. It is composed of 2 rooms, with many bars inside. Many theme nights and events are organized during Spring Break.

And the list goes on ... There are still many clubs with all the possible musical styles, and this, not to mention the many bars as crazy as each other.


A few tips

Ayia Napa is not a big city and many of its streets are pedestrian streets. It is therefore not very useful to rent a car. Cycling is the most common form of transport (possibility to rent it on site).

Most of the shops close all between 13h and 15h.

Many water activities are available during the Spring Break period: towed buoys, bananas, jet-skis and boat trips.

During the Spring Break period, Boat parties are organized.

The Climate

Thanks to its advantageous location in the Mediterranean Sea, Cyprus has an exceptional climate throughout the year. However, there is still a better time of year to get there. This period runs from April to September. During this period, the temperatures are warm and the sunshine constant. There is however a small wind blowing on the shores of the island, making outings and Beach Party, much more enjoyable.


In Cyprus, there are two official languages. For the most part, it’s Greek that is the most spoken in the country. However, some Cypriots speak Turkish. Cyprus being a former colony of the English, Cypriots speak English very well and you will have no difficulty in making yourself understand in this language.


The currency used in Cyprus is the Euro. Credit card is widely accepted by hotels and shops.


Check with the consulate of the destination country if a visa is required to stay, but also to potential crossed countries if a transit visa is required.



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