- Can I book my trip and pay later?

Even if it is only a deposit (minimum amount has to cover the price of the flight), you must make your payment upon booking otherwise we can neither block the elements of your trip nor guarantee you its price. Indeed, we only make the reservations once the payment is made. Depending on the content of your order, the amount of the minimum deposit is variable, do not hesitate to ask our customer service for more information.

- When do you confirm my booking?

We confirm your booking within one working day. As soon as our operators have validated all the elements, you will receive a confirmation email. In the unlikely event that any of the items in your order can not be provided to you (due to lack of availability or price changes), we will contact you to offer you an alternative solution. We advise you not to make further reservations until you have received our confirmation and to contact us if you do not receive it.

- I want to modify my booking, how do I do it?

Changing your booking results in fees. First, consult the price scale of fees held for any modification on the page "T&C". Then if you still want to modify your booking, please contact our customer service by phone or email.

Caution: Some items or products are not modifiable and will be considered as a cancellation. This is the case especially for festival tickets, camping tickets as well as airline tickets.

- What is included in my booking?

Your booking includes only the items that are specifically indicated as such. Optional items offered on the website are therefore not included if you do not select them. Make sure you have selected checked luggages, airport transfer, car rental or insurance if you need any of it.

- I wish to cancel my booking, how do I do it?

You have not purchased any cancellation insurance:

Cancellation of your booking results in fees. First consult the price scale of charges fees held for any cancellation on the page "T&C". Then if you still want to cancel the order, contact our customer service by email.

You did purchase a cancellation insurance upon booking:

Contact first the insurance company (using the telephone number indicated in the insurance policy you received by email) to ensure that your cancellation falls within the provisions to be refunded. They will also tell you what documents you need to get from us. Then contact our customer service by email.

If you have any further question, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone.


- I want to make a group booking, how do I do it?

Group requests require special quotations from our various suppliers, do not hesitate to contact us by email or by telephone and we will find together the best trip for you!

- The length of stay / the type of accommodation offered on the website do not correspond to what I’m looking for, what should I do?

Some trips have a fixed length / accommodation type on the website. However, it may be possible to make changes. Do not hesitate to contact our customer service by email or by telephone and we will look for solutions to fit your desires.


- I want to go on a weekend trip, which destination should I pick?

You will have to favor the short and medium-distance flights, meaning the destinations with less than 4 hours flight to be able to make the most of it on spot. There are many possible destinations depending on your departure airport, so please do not hesitate to contact our team of travel agents who can advise you on the right destination to fit your wishes and budget.


- How long is my quote valid?

A quote does not have a particular validity period with our travel agents. Until the booking has been validated, the amount of your trip and availability can be subject to change. A quote is therefore only a proposal subject to modification (taxes, exchange rate, tariff ...).


- Why does the price change?

When you make a query on our website, we will enquire our various suppliers in real-time to provide you with the best price. Depending on the evolution of occupancy and availability, this price can vary between two queries.



- Are checked luggages included in the price of the flight?

Checked luggage is included in the price of the flight only when it is indicated as such in the search engine. Most airlines do not include checked baggage on short and medium haul flights. If they are available as an option they are not included in the basic price.


- Is online check-in compulsory?

Online check-in is not compulsory for long-haul flights, regular airlines (Air France, British Airways, Lufthansa ...) and most low cost airlines. It simply saves you time but you can do it directly at the airport. However, some airlines (including Ryanair or Wizzair) charge for check-in at the airport. Be sure to check your travel documents / the conditions of the company you are flying with and do not hesitate to contact our customer service by phone if you are unsure.


- When do I have to go to the airport?

It is recommended that you arrive at the airport 3 hours before take-off to check in, check your luggage in (if necessary) and go through the security without risking missing your flight. Be careful, depending on the period, the rush hours at an airport can be significant and the airlines will not take care of you if you miss your flight because there were too many people at the check-in for example.


- Can I change the name of a passenger on a flight?

We can not change the name of a passenger on a flight, tickets are strictly personal. If you want to give your seat for a trip to a friend, the passenger who will be replacing you will have to buy his / her own airplane ticket in accordance with our "T&C", available via this link.


- How should I choose my flight?

We advise you to check if your flight makes stops or not (to be able to make your requests for a VISA and / or passport if any) and if checked luggages are included or not. Schedules are always indicated in local time.

Caution: If your flight indicates "+1", it means that the arrival will be one day after departure.


- Which days of departure and return should be preferred to lower the price of a plane ticket?

Often, you will find the cheapest airfares by booking a 7-night stay, with a departure between Friday and Sunday (except low cost) and for a trip booked at least 21 days before your departure. These indications are obviously generic and vary according to occupancy of flights and the time of year.


- I can not find my departure airport, what should I do?

Not all airports are available on the website but this does not mean that the trip is not possible. Please do not hesitate to contact our customer service by phone so that our agents will let you know if there are flights from the airport closest to you.


- My departure airport for outbound flight and my airport of arrival for inbound flight are different, what can I do?

No problem, even if the site does not have the capacity to plan your trip with what is called an "open jaw" ticket, you just have to contact our agents by telephone to have a complete proposal depending on your availabilities .


- What is a charter flight?

It is a chartered flight (leased) by a tour operator. Indeed, it remains operated by the airline indicated, meaning the flight crew remains that of the airline but the seats are sold by a third party. There may be changes, including schedules, on charter flights. The final timetables will be communicated to you about 5 days before take-off, upon receipt of the travel documents. For a charter flight, there is no electronic ticket, we will send you a summons to be showed at the check-in counter of the operating airline at the airport.


- What is an e-ticket?

You receive it by email, it is part of the travel documents that we send you. You must print it and take it with you to the airport to be presented for check-in. It will also serve as a transportation ticket.

Warning: Most of the time we will send you a convocation containing your company reference and all information related to your flight. This convocation is sufficient to check-in at the airport (beware of the companies that charge for check-in at the airport).



- How many luggages can you bring along on a bus trip?

On a Destination Clubbing bus: We do not limit luggage in terms of number or size. We understand that you need to take your camping gear, and that it takes up space. We ask you to respect each other, because you will all make the same journey by bus and the more cluttered you are (if there is no more room in the hold, for example), the less pleasant the journey will be. So try to limit yourself to a maximum of one tent for two plus a travel bag and a backpack per person.

With a regular company bus: The indications of luggage limit are indicated on your travel document. Generally you are entitled to a backpack and a travel bag per person.


- What things / drink / food can I take on the bus?

It is strictly forbidden to smoke or drink alcohol on the bus but stops are planned during the journey. You may be disembarked if you are clearly intoxicated and a nuisance for other passengers. You may take provisions on the bus if you leave it clean and clean up your seat at each stop.


- At what time should I be at the meeting point for the bus?

You must be present at the meeting point 30 minutes prior departure of the bus which will not wait for the latecomers. You should contact our customer service as soon as possible in case of an unpredictable delay.


- Will I travel next to my friends on the bus?

Placement in coaches is free. So there are no seat allocated. If you want to be with your friends, go all together on the same bus. The bus tickets are nominative so there is a mandatory presentation of an identity document when you go on board. The name on your ID must correspond to the name indicated on our attendant's listing, otherwise you will be denied access to the bus. If you wish to do a name check or a swap you can contact our customer service by phone before the trip.


- When will I receive the final bus schedule?

The final bus schedule will be sent to you with the travel documents within one week before departure.




- Can I pay my room directly at the hotel upon arrival?

It is not possible to pay directly at the hotel. You must have paid 100% of your booking to receive your travel documents. Otherwise default of payment may refund in full cancellation without possible refund.


- What is a SECRET apartment / hotel?

We work with local partners to offer you exceptional rates to your favorite destinations. Upon booking, you have a description of the accommodations that will welcome you. The website describes the standing, the board as well as the amenities in said accommodations while their name is jealously guarded. You will receive the name and exact location of your accommodation upon receipt of your travel documents, one week before departure in order to prepare your arrival as best as possible.


Airport Transfer


- What is an airport transfer?

Whether shared (coach) or private (car, minibus), airport transfer allows you to make the return journey between the arrival airport and your accommodation. You will find all useful information in your travel documents. Do not hesitate to contact us before your departure if you have any further questions concerning your transfer.


- Is the airport transfer included in my trip?

Unless otherwise stated, you can book an optional airport transfer and it is not included in the base fare of your trip.




- Is camping gear included?

Unless otherwise stated (camping gear can sometimes be added as an option) camping gear is never included in the price of the festival pass or camping pass.


- What things / drink / food can I take to the festival?

Each organizer sets its own rules for what you can take there. We advise you to go directly to the website of the festival which always publishes the list of what is allowed / forbidden.


- What is the minimum age to enter the festival?

Each festival has its own entrance limitations and our website can not automatically refuse certain dates of birth. We therefore advise you to check the minimum age beforehand as the festival tickets are not refundable.


- Can I book and pay later?

We can only block the elements of your booking when we receive your payment. As long as we are waiting for your payment, prices and availability may change.


- I have not yet received my festival pass, why?

We are a travel agency. Unlike an online ticketing service, sending passes is done manually. We must first check the entire booking before we can confirm it. Usually the festivals we work with send us all our tickets one week before the event to avoid the illegal resale of tickets. We will send them to you by email as soon as we receive them.


- I wish to cancel my order of festival ticket, how should I do it?

Please note that the festival passes are not refundable, once your reservation is confirmed and your invoice is received, we will no longer be able to cancel the reservation.




- What are the different types of insurance you offer?

We offer 3 types of insurance provided by Allianz and which can be added as an option to your booking. The cancellation insurance covers incidents that occur before your departure and lead you to have to cancel your trip (death, sickness etc ...). Repatriation insurance covers incidents that occur during your trip and lead you to have to be repatriated to your home country (accident, hospitalization for example). Multi-risk insurance is a combination of cancellation insurance and repatriation insurance. Cancellation and multi-risk insurance must be included at the time of booking, you will not be able to add them later.


- How do I get a refund when I use the insurance?

In case of unforeseen circumstances, please contact first the insurer (using the telephone number indicated in the insurance policy they sent you by email) to ensure that your cancellation falls within the provisions of the insurance. They will also tell you what documents you need to ask from us. Then contact our customer service by email.

You now understand, the travel agency and the insurer are two different companies. Your refund, if the reason for your cancellation falls under the conditions for triggering the insurance, will be issued by the insurer directly. We will simply be there to provide you with the proofs requested and possibly accompany you in the process if necessary.


- I want to add an insurance to my booking but yours does not suit me, what should I do?

Our insurer is not suitable for your needs? No problem, just make some inquiries by yourself to book another insurance for your trip.




- When should I pay?

Payment is made upon booking. We wait until we receive your payment to block all items of your order and send you the booking confirmation by email. Until we receive your payment, the price and availability may change.


- What means of payment do you have?

You can pay by credit card (VISA, Mastercard), Paypal and online transfer (iDeal, GiroPay, Bancontact).

With our operators: You can also choose to pay using several cards, in several instalments or by bank transfer.

Warning: Making your payment with our operators takes more time. We can not guarantee the price and the availability while waiting for your payment.


Travel Documents


- When do I receive the travel documents?

You receive all travel documents by email about one week before your departure and once the payment is 100% complete.


- I have not received my travel documents yet, what should I do?

As soon as you made your booking and for you not to miss any of our communications, we advise you to add the email addresses info@destinationclubbing.com and contact@destinationclubbing.com to the address book of your mailbox. Do not forget to check your junk mailbox if you have not already received the travel documents. If not, do not hesitate to contact our team by phone and / or email as soon as possible.


- What documents do I need to take for the trip?

You receive PDF documents for all elements of your booking. Simply print them out before you leave. Please do not hesitate to contact our team by phone upon receipt of those documents if you have any questions or if you have the impression that you are missing a document.


Customer Service


How can I contact the customer service?

You can contact us by telephone (France: 0 899 189 189 - International: 0044 2033 186 790) from Monday to Friday from 10am to 6pm. By email, you can contact us by writing to info@destinationclubbing.com. It is also possible to ask your questions on the Messenger chat on Facebook.


- I have a claim, how do you send it?

Did the trip not entirely live up to your expectations? We're very sorry that. You can send us your complaint by email at info@destinationclubbing.com. We will respond as soon as possible.


- I encounter a problem during my trip, what should I do?

You can contact the emergency number indicated in your travel documents, call us at the office via the international number or send us an e-mail by writing to info@destinationclubbing.com. We will do the best we can to assist you.


Administrative Formalities


What are the procedures for entering / staying in a country?

It is your responsibility to check with a consulate or an embassy of the country of destination what steps you must take to enter a foreign country. Do not forget to check also with the countries in which you make a stopover. In all cases, a valid passport or identity card (depending on destination) is required to travel.


- My ID card is outdated, can I still travel?

No, you can not leave your national territory without a valid identity document. Please check the validity of your ID before travelling. Don’t forget that some countries require your ID/passport to be valid for 6 months after the date of your return in your country. 


- Can I fly by presenting my driver's license as an identity document?

No, it is imperative to present at least a national identity card or a passport (depending on the destination) in order to be able to embark.


- Do you have to make a VISA for a stopover?

Some countries ask for a so-called transit VISA, even if you only make one stop and you do not leave the airport (the United States for example). Check with the consulate or the embassy of the country in which you make a stopover.


- Travel to USA: Who needs an ESTA, how to do it?

The Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) is an automated system used to determine visitor eligibility for Visa Waiver Program (VWP) to travel to the United States and whether the trip is a risk for maintaining order or internal security. An approved ESTA authorizes a traveler to board an aircraft to travel to the United States. ESTA is not a visa. It does not meet the legal requirements to replace a US visa when a visa is required. Travelers with a valid US visa can travel to the United States with this visa and for the purpose indicated when the visa was obtained. Travelers with a valid visa do not need to apply for an ESTA.

You will find a list of countries whose nationals do not need to apply for VISA but only for an ESTA here (under "help",  "Most Popular Questions": Who is allowed to submit an ESTA application?) .The application will be charged $4 and authorization, an extra $10. Nationals of countries not included in this list will have to apply for a VISA, you will also find more details on this same website.

You must apply for ESTA on the official US Customs website: https://esta.cbp.dhs.gov/esta/

You get authorization in the next 72 hours by email. It is possible to make your request on another site but it will take longer and the price will be higher.


- The address shown on my identity document does not correspond to my current address, will I be refused my VISA application?

This information is very rarely necessary for obtaining a VISA, however, you should consider contacting the embassy or consulate of the country where you are going or making a stopover in.


- I am renewing my identity documents and have all the evidence of the process being in progress. Can I fly with these documents if I have not received my new documents before departure?

Those documents are not considered as valid identity document to leave the country. You will be denied boarding so please don’t forget to check the validity of your ID before the trip.