June 26, 2024

Dates for Spring Break Cancun 2025

Key dates

From February 22, 2025 to April 5, 2025, Spring Break Cancun 2025 takes place! Every year for six weeks, Cancun becomes the global gathering point for students for the must-see Spring Break Cancun event. It's one of Mexico's biggest and most eagerly awaited events of the year, attracting thousands of students from all over the world for an unforgettable vacation. Students see Spring Break as a time of rest and fun before returning to school, a time of freedom. Held in Cancun, it offers a unique chance to enjoy Mexico's beautiful beaches, endless parties and tropical climate.

Cancun Spring Break begins on February 22, 2025 and ends on April 5, 2025. During these 6 weeks, Cancun becomes a veritable party paradise, with beach parties, concerts and much more. 

February 22 to March 8: Spring Break warm-up 
It's the start of Spring Break in Cancun, with lots of Canadians, Francophones and Europeans. An atmosphere in full swing with the first festivities!

March 8 to 22, 2025: Peak Spring Break season 
It's during this period in March that the crowds are at their highest, creating a lively, festive atmosphere. It's also the opportunity to enjoy unforgettable performances by the greatest international artists, whether in the clubs or at the Grand Oasis Cancun hotel. If you want the ultimate Spring Break Cancun 2025 experience, this is the perfect time to plan your trip. 

March 22 to 30: Spring Break Chill Period 
After the rush, unwind and enjoy a more relaxed atmosphere in Cancun.

March 30 to April 5: Spring Break Holy Week
Discover the lively atmosphere of Holy Week in Cancun, marked by a strong South American influence and a dynamic Latino ambiance.

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