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An amazing Spring Break in the Heart of the Caribbean

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Feb 21, 2025 - Apr 5, 2025
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Cancun (MX)


⚠️ Be part of the hottest and most famous Spring Break: CANCUN!

Just like every year and during six weeks, Cancun becomes the world's meeting point for all students, for its unmissable Spring Break.

The Grand Oasis Cancun is one of Cancun's best-known hotels with the largest pool in South America and a private access to the beach. Throughout the day, the hotel's pools and beach are turned into a giant dancefloor inviting various artists as well as locally and internationally renowned DJs.


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We have selected for you a wide choice of hotels for Spring Break Cancun!


This is THE best hotel to fully enjoy the Spring Break! With the largest swimming pool in Mexico and beach parties every day in March, it's a paradise of great vibes and bikinis. If you want to sleep well at night, choose another hotel, but if you want to enjoy every moment of your Spring Break, this is where you have to stay!

Coming with a group? We'll divide you into triple and double rooms according to the number of guests. 



The Krystal is the best place if you want to move around every day on foot because it is located right next to the club area. The hotel itself is more or less quiet but is right next to the Mandala Beach Club which is also famous for its pool parties during the afternoon. So there is plenty to do, day and night and you can also enjoy the days when you need rest. The establishment has the most beautiful stretch of beach of the hotel zone (this is our opinion!).

Depending on your budget, you can choose options ranging from room only to ALL INCLUSIVE. We advise you to take at least breakfast option, the buffet is pretty good to start the day.



Usually a little cheaper because the hotel is a little smaller (the pool is on the roof and there is no private beach), this establishment is also very well located in the hotel zone and will allow you to do everything on foot. It is right in the heart of the clubs area and the Mandala Beach Club, and the beach is also within walking distance.

You can choose between room only and a breakfast option.



The establishment 100% assumes the term adult playground and pushes the concept into the pools, the various restaurants of the hotel or even organized themed parties at night. Although you will be asked to keep a proper outfit in restaurants and in the lobby, topless is totally allowed, encouraged even, around the pools, in order to "dare a new experience" or "avoid poorly fitting tan lines ». One key word: LIBERTY. Be careful, because of the hotel's rather daring concept, you will be asked to avoid taking pictures and videos to respect the privacy of each guest.

ALL INCLUSIVE with 7 restaurants and 5 bars.



The hotel is located north of the hotel zone and benefits from a private beach and swimming pool. The clubs area is a fifteen minute taxi ride away. The hotel is perfect for smaller budgets who still want to enjoy a resort with a private beach access and ALL INCLUSIVE. Note that the ferry pier to Isla Mujeres is within walking distance.

Options range from breakfast to ALL INCLUSIVE.



The Beach House Hotel Imperial by Faranda Hotels is the best cheap deal for all travelers who want to enjoy not only the festive night life of Cancun, but also all the day activities offered. Located in the northern part of the hotels zone, on the lagoon side, you will be not far away by bus from the restaurants and shops of Cancun, as well as aquatic activities such as diving or jet skiing, to fully enjoy the Caribbean Sea. The hotel is also located near Playa Tortuga, starting point for boats going to Isla Mujeres.

Breakfast is included in the price of the room.



Cheapest deals in Cancun! The hotel is located in the North of the hotel zone, on the lagoon side, so no private beach, but it is right across the street, about a 10 minutes walk across Kukulcan Avenue. However, you can enjoy the small pool of the hotel to cool off. The lively center and clubs are about 10 minutes away by taxi.

A breakfast option is possible in addition to the room.



This is the busiest week of Spring Break Cancún 2025, offering a vibrant, international experience around every corner. Americans, Canadians, Brazilians, Europeans and many other nationalities come together to create an incredibly international atmosphere. It's also an opportunity to experience unforgettable performances by the world's greatest artists, both in the clubs and in the exceptional setting of the Grand Oasis Cancún hotel.


Cancun is Mexico's must-visit seaside resort, famous not only for Spring Break Cancun, but also for its clubs and their wild nightlife. Superclubs such as Coco-Bongo, Dcave and The City can each accommodate several thousand people and offer the very best in entertainment. There's something new happening every minute: entertainment, dancers, acrobats, giant video screens, the famous bikini contests, mimes, look-alikes... 

A huge nightclub with a capacity of 6,000. With its huge hall, you won't know where to turn your head (or your eyes). This impressive Cancun club welcomes headliners all year round, particularly during Spring Break (50 Cent, Snoop Dog, The Game, Flo Rida, Akon, etc.). This nightclub, which has been in existence since 2004, has always pulled out all the stops, with excellent line-ups including Chris Lake, Alesso, Borgore, KSHMR, R3hab, Tiesto, Hardwell, Nicky Romero and Nervo. This nightclub is sure to please even the biggest thrill-seekers. 


The most V.I.P. club in Cancun, even if the atmosphere is honestly relaxed. The music selection is wide: from RnB to electro to Latin tunes, ideal for dancing. With its muted red and black decor, the club is completely open to the street and gives the impression of being on a stage. The service is very pleasant and attentive if you tip them properly and regularly. This nightclub will delight you, with its open-air setting, the Mandala is a nightclub for the most cosmopolitan people in Cancun. You'll be able to enjoy quality drinks at the best prices in Cancun.


A Cancun club with an original architecture that's sure to surprise you: cellars and caves like a seabed, and a revolving dance floor. Known and appreciated for its gogo dancer shows, themed evenings and various competitions where Americans never fail to shine! Perfectly equipped, this club offers services such as valet parking and in-house catering. Let yourself be swept away by this magical atmosphere, accompanied by sensational sound and visual effects, Co2 cannons and laser shows, all set to music by top DJs. You'll never run out of energy with 6 bars spread throughout the club!


Located in the heart of Cancun's “Party Center”, Coco Bongo is surely the most popular and busiest club, with around 3,000 people each night (yes!). A must-see at least once during your stay, to make the most of its shows and enjoy the atmosphere of this large, lively Cancun club. This extremely popular nightclub will delight you with its diverse activities. There's something for everyone here, and you'll always find something to entertain your eyes with non-stop shows, choreography, performances and a shower of confetti and balloons! A nightclub and cabaret in one.


The Senor Frogs is a must-visit restaurant by day, a bar with a (big) atmosphere by night, if only for the design of its world-famous glasses, its meters of tequila on ice, its slide that lands in the lagoon, its CO2 cannon embedded in the floor, and many other equally fun attractions. Very popular with 18-25 year-olds, this Cancun club is in full swing during Spring Break and Summer Break, when it's the perfect place to make memories and share unusual anecdotes. You'll love the offbeat atmosphere and the tequila, where people from all walks of life come together to party to the rhythm of glow parties, foam parties and Mexican open bars. 


Isla Mujeres (also called « the island of women ») is the destination of one of the cheapest excursion you can buy during your stay at Spring Break Cancun. At the same time it is also one of the nicest places to be ! It can easily be reached from Cancun and is worth one day or at least half a day of your time. On Isla Mujeres you can hang out and recharge your batteries from last night's party at Spring Break Cancun. The beautiful island Isla Mujeres is conveniently and easily accessible by boat after a 20 minutes ride or – if you want take the slower one – after 45 minutes. The boats leave from the hotels zone of Cancun every 30 minutes until 10pm. With the help of one of the numerous travel agencies in Cancun you will be able to participate to the most awesome trip you have ever been to - Isla Mujeres is totally worth a visit! You can also rent a scooter or a golf car to discover the Mexican island in an extraordinary way. Access to the island is guaranteed during the whole year and highly recommended during the period of Cancun's Spring Break.
Both wild and charming, Isla Mujeres shows you its authentic nature far away from the rest of the world. The beaches of the island aren't touched by the huge luxurious hotels like in Cancun. You rather find little snack bars by the seaside that offer you seafood and cocktails. If you want to live a pirate atmosphere you can fallow the traces of an ancient hacienda. Or you just take a walk through the peace- and colorful cemetery where the inhabitants of Isla Mujeres are buried. You can also visit Garrafon Park, a natural aquarium where you can go snorkeling to see the vestiges of an old temple and its present residents: turtles!
In the end there is nothing more to say than: Isla Mujeres is totally worth a trip to admire its beautiful nature and to recharge your party batteries during Spring Break Cancun in Mexico.


During your stay at Cancun's Spring Break we advise you to take a break in between two nights of celebration to go on several trips around the wonderful riviera Maya, for example to the archeological site of Chichen Itza.
Chichen Itza in Mexico is a Mayan archaeological site, one of the largest in Mexico and ranked among the 7 new Wonders of the World. Beautiful and amazing! You will be amazed by its enormous size and the huge number of constructions which were acknowledged as world cultural heritage by the UNESCO in 1988. Located 3 hours away from Cancun between the cities of Mérida and Valladolid your trip leads you through the spectacular countryside of Mexico right to Chichen Itza. Though it takes some time to get there, it is totally worth it! Trips to Chichen Itza with departure from Cancun and even from the Oasis Hotel are offered on a regular base. Ideal thing to do after a great party is sleep in the coach and wake up refreshed for the visit. You should definitely take part in this adventure during Spring Break Cancun. A little culture never killed nobody!  


Tulum in Mexico is a world’s famous Mayan archaeological site (1200-1500 AC). It is surrounded by a great wall nearly 10 feet high and 23 feet thick. Because of its location above the sea Tulum is a worldwide known Mayan site in the Caribbean Sea: you will contemplate the pyramids in the background with the turquoise Caribbean Sea, just beautiful!
Tulum lies about 80 miles away from Cancun so you should plan a whole day for your trip. Besides historical buildings you can admire the beautiful beaches of Tulum, definitely one of the most beautiful beaches of Mexico or even the world. Fun fact: A whole season of “Temptation Island”, an American television reality program had been shot here. Many scenes take place at “Diamante K”, a resort nearby. 


Check with the consulate of the destination country if a visa is required to stay, but also to potential crossed countries if a transit visa is required.


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